Sewing Machine

This was my first time working with Illustrator and I need to re-upload the file because I noticed some things moved at the bottom of the sewing machine. Recreating a sewing machine was not an easy task with all the different shapes that the machine has. I did this in the Fall of 2011.


Sewing Strips

This game was created in the spring of 2012 and it was all done in Illustrator. The sewing machine was sliced up into equal parts then I position the pieces together trying to keep it interesting to look at as there are some white squares. The font for the title is one I choose for the way the S’s were done.

Binder Clips


I did these vector drawings in the spring of 2012. The assignment was to first do up close photos of an object then draw the object. I choose a binder clip because I thought it would something you see once it is mentioned. Being really detailed orientated I actually used the paint tool to paint in the black.