Saul Bass Collage

Last semester I did this collage based on Saul Bass work. Most of his centered around logos and movie poster that were simple designs. I tried to add as many of his designs that I could without it becoming to hectic to go along with Bass’s simple designs.




This is a picture of my grandfather taken before my mother was even a thought. Through the years the picture got bent and stains all over the image. This summer I took the time on Photoshop and lightened the image and went  by small sections cleaning up the image. He cleaned up pretty well.


Burning Forest

I took this picture at Patapsco State Park. I was working on a collection of photographs that were inspired by Ansel Adams. I turned in this photograph as a black and white but I wanted to take it a step further. What I was trying to do, besides change the color, was to have the main tree pop out from the background. I was able to make the main tree darker while the trees in the backgrounds are grayer. It was simple change in Photoshop but this is one of my favorite photographs.