Ad Bottle

This the label I made for a hair spray bottle and part of the label was used in part of a magazine advertisement I made. It was made in the spring of 2012. I used Photoshop for the background and changing the color of the cotton candy. I then made an Indesign document and placed the images in them. The text was added last and was based on another hair spray bottle.


Global Giving Market

This was my design for the Global Giving Market that I made last semester. I took a picture of the tree outside of my house and then went into Photoshop changing the color to red to blue using a filter. I used a gradient background to make sure the viewer see the words and the tree.

Hair Advertisement


This is an advertisement I made for my made up product called Big Sexy Kitty Hair perfume. I wanted to design for a young audience and I wanted it to stand out from the all the other hair products that you see in magazines. Changing the girl to purple was a simple change but it made the entire advertisement stand out.