Week 12

Search Engine

This website has great links with definitions on search engine results, page rank, keyword tools. The page title is what Google uses for their searches while Bing does not use page title always for the results. Search engines are the main way user find websites. A good listing will increase traffic; most websites don’ t consider how search engine work. Google is a crawler based search engine. Human power directories are things like open directory. Hybrid search engine is like MSN search.

Good Host Sites

  • Blue Host
  • Chrystal Tech
  • GoDaddy
  • Network Solution

Keywords are the words the user might use to find your site. Should be at least two words long. Include title and atl tags.

Use Fireworks and Photoshop to make slices to define and create buttons and images. Does not create HTML code or account for incorporation of text/background images. For Fireworks to export css, html, and images import into Dreamweaver. When using PSD, smart objects importing to Dreamweaver. Photoshop save for the web and use CSS in Dreamweaver.


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