Week 10

Common Mistakes Print Designers Make on the Web

Putting Design before Content

  • The user is not thought of.
  • Websites are context first than design second.
  • Wire Frame the content.
    • Three Document Layers
      • Structure
      • Presentation
      • Behavior

Designer for a specific Browser

  • Leaves out consideration for other devices and sizes.
  • Assertive technology needs to be thought of
    • Large Text
    • Navigation on-screen
  • Create pages to web standards
  • Preview in Many Browser

Naming & Styling Element Based on appearance

  • Use appropriate tags
  • Name CSS based on function

Believing the tool is Smart

  • You use the tools not the computer
  • Don’t forget the code

Misunderstanding linking, naming, and server codes

  • Uploading everything to the server
  • Use lower case letter

A Picture is worth a thousand words, isn’t it?

  • Don’t reply on pictures
  • Gif for flat color area
  • jpg for photos, gradient and drop shadows
  • Transparent png when you need transparency

Putting all the image directly in the page

  • Put images in CSS

Being a control freak

  • Colors vary from monitors
  • Web is not Print
  • No <Br> in headers

Think inside the Box

  • Using fluid method
  • Use 3D instead of 2D
  • Use navigation space

You Don’t have to wear all the hats

  • If you need help ask for help

Dao of Web Design

Web developing out of old medias like radio and tv. Radio to tv saw voice overs when voice overs were no longer needed. Don’t copy but be influences by old medias. Designers are not in control of the web. Deal with the facts and be creative in the box. Think why you do things.

Planning and Implementing Website Navigation

  • Primary: Content most used navigation
  • Secondary: Other things that may have interest to the user
  • Carding: sorting information that will on the page.

Wire Frames clarify exacting which you want to look like.

Mock up focuses on visual design elements and includes graphs

Prototypes: Semi-functional webpages, give you and the client a feel of what the webpage will look like.

Wire Frame:


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