Week 14

Domain Name

The domain name has three parts. The first is the name of the site, that is the part that the owner comes up with. The second is the extension, the most popular being .com. Some other extension are .us or .co for countries, .biz is for business, .net is for internet related.

Tips for picking a domain name

  • Keywords your site makes you think of
  • Choose a .com extension
  • Make it easy to type and remember
  • No hyphens

Common Registrars

  • Godaddy.com
  • register.com
  • netsol.com

You save a template in Dreamweaver by going to file save as template.


Week 13

PNG 32

  • It uses flexible JPEG RGB color model
  • Completely loss less compression method
  • PNG image is much larger file size then a JPEG
  • Reproduces complex transparency setting


  • Uses palette based color model like GIF
  • Can not animate life GIF files
  • Offer transparency but either solid or completely transparent

Take pictures into Fireworks, change the file format to PNG8. Switch to alpha transparency to help with picking colors. Older version of browser won’t show the transparent parts but will render it without as to not know it was supposed to be transparent.

Sewing Machine

This was my first time working with Illustrator and I need to re-upload the file because I noticed some things moved at the bottom of the sewing machine. Recreating a sewing machine was not an easy task with all the different shapes that the machine has. I did this in the Fall of 2011.

Sewing Strips

This game was created in the spring of 2012 and it was all done in Illustrator. The sewing machine was sliced up into equal parts then I position the pieces together trying to keep it interesting to look at as there are some white squares. The font for the title is one I choose for the way the S’s were done.

Ad Bottle

This the label I made for a hair spray bottle and part of the label was used in part of a magazine advertisement I made. It was made in the spring of 2012. I used Photoshop for the background and changing the color of the cotton candy. I then made an Indesign document and placed the images in them. The text was added last and was based on another hair spray bottle.