Week 9

For 20 years font type layout has remained the same. There is a new trend to use web fonts. They have been using arial, Georgia, times new roman, trebuchet MS, and verdana. In 2008 Safari allowed web browser to use open type fonts then in 2010 web fonts number in the tens of thousands.

Top Web Font services

  • Typekit
  • Webink
  • Fonts.com
  • Webtype
  • FontsLive
  • Font Deck
  • Google Web Fonts

Google Fonts

  • 506 Font Families
  • Custom Preview
  • Sort by popularity/date
  • Filter by characteristics/style
  • Copy and pasting into code

Good Web Fonts

  • Le Monda Courrier
  • Utopia Standard
  • Open Sans
  • Ubuntu
  • PT Serif
  • FF Tisa Web Pro
  • FF Meta Serif Web Pro
  • FF Meta Web Pro
  • Ratio
  • Merrieweather
  • Minion Pro
  • Bitstream Vera Sans
  • Myndraine
  • Droid Serif
  • Droid Sans
  • PT Sans Regular
  • Serif 6 Beta
  • Deja Vu Serif
  • Calluna Regular
  • Museo Sans 500
  • Museo Slab 500

Combing Fonts

  • Use font families
  • Use a few fonts
  • Contrast is king
  • What is appropriate for the page

Good Combination Fonts

  • Lobster and Cabin
  • Raleway and Goudy
  • Dancing Script and Jusefin San
  • Molenge and Lekton
  • Corbin and Nobile
  • Allerta and Crimson
  • Arvo and PT sans
  • Allan and Carde
  • Droid serif and Sans
  • Ubuntu and Vollkorn

Five Essential Principles of  Interaction Design

  • consistent
    • People are sensitive to change so do not change too much
  • visible
    • They need to know where the interaction is at
  • Learnable
    • Easy to learn and remember
  • predictable
    • Should show an accurate exceptions before it occurs
  • Feedback
    • Provides location, status, future events, and closure
    • Allows undo to reverse choices and correct mistakes

My wireframes


Link to my design document pdf  http://bcts-potomac.aacc.edu/ARTClass1/23/final-project/profile.pdf


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