Week 8

Options for images:

  • Client supplies
  • Client hires a professional photographer
  • Can offer to take images for the client
  • Purchase stock photos

Stock Photography

Existing photographs that can be licensed for uses. Have to pay licensing fees.

Rights-Managed- More expensive, individual licensing agreement.

Royalty Free- Use the image in unlimited ways for one fee, no exclusivity, and it is cheaper.

Can get stock photography from:

  • Gettyimages.com
  • comstock.com
  • fotosearch.com
  • pro.corbis.com
  • shutterstock.com
  • istockphoto.com

Mistake of web design

  • Bad Search
  • PDF files for online reading
  • Not changing colors of visited links
  • Non scan-able text
  • Fixed font size
  • Page titles with low search engine visibility
  • Advertisements
  • Violating design conventions
  • Opening new browsers
  • Not answering users questions

Mystery Meat navigation– Random navigation buttons that do not explain navigation items.

Examples of Bad navigation:


  • Have to roll over the squares to find out where to go.


George’s Township Civil Defense EMS

  • The picture is not high quality, the red is an ungodly color, and not readable at all.
  • There are links everywhere.

Maison Martin Margiela

  • Links looks like web pages and they cover the other links so it hard to click if it is behind other links.
  • Just an odd website





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