Week 7


Two types of animation methods on the web:

Gif Animation

  • Low band-witch/low tech
  • Introduced in 1989
  • Simple format
  • Decoding start before data is downloaded
  • No additional software
  • Browser deployed receiver and decoder
  • Treated like a static gif file in code


  • Adobe Flash
  • Rich Media application of Vector image for animation
  • The SWF file format and free flash player
  • Uses vector and bitmap graphic, sounds and program code
  • Bring in typography, video, sound, scripting language, and animation.

Chapter 1

First part of design process is meeting clients and learning what they do
Research the business

  • Is there an existed brand/logo or do they already have a website
  • Target your Audience
  • Then put yourself in the visitor shoes
  • Organize thoughts and start designing the site

Good Site

  • Viewer likes the site but are more interested in the content
  • User can move about easily
  • Recognize the page belongs to the website

Web Page Anatomy

  • The basic web page has a container, logo, navigation, content, footer, white space.
  • Should use the rule of thirds in web design.

A morgue file is saving inspiration of websites you like or are good for a site you are designing.


  • Navigation-less
  • Expandable Footers
  • Minimalism

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