Week 5

Fireworks Terms

Layers –> Like Photoshop layers; All of the top layers is shown and the bottom layer is covered by the layers above it.
Frames –> Controls the image, don in animation.
Guides –> Divide up the image. Shows lines without effecting the image.
Slices –> “chops” the image up
Web layer –> Holds slices and is not editable

Uses of Banners

  • Masthead of page
  • Seen in social media sites
  • used as the footer of sites
  • most are advertising banners
  • can be static or animated
  • using reflect style and color scheme/treatment of the website


Texture give an appearance to the surface of an object. A pixel is a square dot while a point is a round dot. Points are the fundamental part of design, it is what makes lines, shapes, and volume.

A line is two or more points connected  A diagonal line has energy and many diagonal lines gives on the edge feeling. Horizontal lines provide texture to a design. Jagged lines make it feel dangerous and frantic. Gentle curves make everything feel relaxing and smooth.

Shapes are two end points of a line coming together. Most shapes are circles, triangles, and rectangles. Free form shapes are abstract and have random and irregular lines. Rounded corners create a more organic smoother feel then a square.

Rotation also make them more organic and gives movement to the page.

Perspective and proportion helps to create volume and depth to a page in a 2d space.

Light and shadows gives cues to depth and volume, a drop shadow gives the illusion the object is above the surface. A linear gradient can create movement. Radial gradient gives light and darkness to give volume and depth to an object.

Patterns add richness and interest to a design.


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