Week 2

Most of week 2 had a lot to do with color.

  • The color green for example has many associations like heaven in Muslim culture and luck in Ireland. The green fertility god from celtic myth evolved down to the green m&m being sexy.
  • Red is the color of passion, it raises blood pressure and your adrenaline.
  • The color orange makes people happy and is not seen often so it is used for items that keep us safe.
  • Yellow is highly visible and used for anything that wants your attention.
  • Blue can be calming or it can show trouble ahead, it all depends on the shade of blue.
  • The color purple is also a color not used much and for that reason it a great color for power. 
  • White in the western world is the idea of clean and purity but in chinese culture it is the color of death.
  • Black is the color of evil and death which gives it a sense of power.

Basic web design information:

Url is a uniform resource locator. It is a file or resource on a machine on a network. It reference to resource on the internet.

Your protocol identifier is http

Your resource name: http://www.digital jenn.com

An absolute line is added to any page on a site, does not mater where on the page sits. It creates a link to a page on someone elses website. A relative link are only related to the page they are placed on and dependent on the directory structure of your site.

A DTD is a document type definition or declaration and on HTML5 it is

In order to do well with web design you need to learn html and css, need to make all its content accessible and have usability. To define a site in dreamweaver you need to click manage sites, enter your local site folder, and add your server.


4 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. Ranjini says:

    Hi Erin, I think you have covered all the information about colors and URL.

  2. firefly8517 says:

    Hi Erin! I almost picked this background too, it is nice. Nice summary on the chapters so far. ~Lisa V.

  3. zeylif says:

    Hi Erin! I got so caught up in creating the pages with the code that I almost forgot about all the reading and work with color. Weren’t we in the same Graphic Design 1 class in Spring? I remember liking your work in that class.

    • erinquick says:

      I did take it the spring so we could of taken it together. I took a couple of summer classes so everything I did in spring is a little fuzzy ha. Thanks for liking my work. Good luck this semester.

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