Conon O’Briena


I did this picture a few years ago when Conan O’Brien was getting fired from the Tonight Show. I grew up staying up really late to watch his show, so it was a big deal to me that would not get to watch that show anymore. It is a hobby of mine to take photographs and then put them in photoshop or paint where I then paint them. I picked this photo of Conan because I found it the most interesting with the monkey on top of him. The great thing about doing these photos is that it not require an expensive program, I have done all of them in the paint program that comes with computers. First thing I do is the background because it is the eastiest and simplest. The second thing I did was the monkey, picking out the colors is a hard part because you all the colors to blend together well. The last thing I did is always the face, it has the most details involve and really makes or breaks the image. I spend more time on the face then I spend on any other part of the image.



One thought on “Conon O’Briena

  1. That was such a cryin’ shame… I didn’t watch him often because of the time, but when I did he always made me laugh. I haven’t kept up with his whereabouts, but I think he is a talented entertainer…

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