Nina Katchadourian

Nina Katchadourian is an artist that likes working with maps, animals, and sound. Katchadourian was born in California and now lives in New York City. She has a bachelor degree from Brown University. Most of her work is subtle, you really have to look at the work to understand it.


One of her works is the sorted books project. The books are cluster that you must read to find out what she is saying. Some of them are funny like Primitive Art, Just Image, Picasso, Raised by Wolves and some are more serious like Indian History for Young Folks, Our Village, You National Parks.


 One of the works that I really liked is her works with maps. One of her maps is all the routes of America that are then cut up routes on the wall. The cut up routes on the were interesting because your eyes start to see different shapes or images and no longer see the routes.



One thought on “Nina Katchadourian

  1. lfulk says:

    Next to the Sorted Book Project, Nina Katchadourian’s maps are the most fascinating for me. Her use of metals, drawings and other media to create add depth. I also like the way she turns the map into an alternate object with the use of line and shape. She’s been a favorite, I think.

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