Ansel Adams inspired photographs

This week I want to share five photos I did that were inspired by Ansel Adams. I took these pictures for a photography class I was in and my natural love of black and white photographs made me choose Ansel Adams for inspiration. All the pictures are from Pascacpo State Park, which is not to far from AACC, it is in Ellicott City if any of you want to go. I tried to capture the way Ansel Adams was able to make the locations he captured more beautiful in film then in real life. As I did not have a darkroom available I did my work with a digital slr and Photoshop. I shoot all my photographs in RAW just incase I need to fix something later on, it is just easier that way. Photoshop has a great function to turn photos into black and white then play around with the color groups making some darker and some lighter, whatever makes the photograph look its best. For a couple of the photos I added clouds in the background and it made all the difference; adding more beauty to the pictures.


2 thoughts on “Ansel Adams inspired photographs

  1. I really like the perspective and interest in the tunnel photograph. I love Ansel Adams’ work, as well. My husband told me that he would only snap one photograph of a given scene. That brought a whole new appreciation to his photographs! I love the way black and white photography draws you to the core of the subject. Without the distraction of the colors, you are able to experience what the image conveys more deeply. Great work!

  2. bjgr12 says:

    These are beautiful photographs. Like Michelle, I like how my eye is drawn to the darker details. These details create a sense of their reality versus the imagined surroundings.

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