Jenny Holzer


Jenny Holzer is a conceptual artist that most of her work started in the 1980’s. She is from New York. Holzer wanted to become an abstract painter when she started her education at Duke University. Around the 1970’s she started working with language and art. Jenny Holzer is considered apart of the feminist branch of artists. She is best known for her larger projections on buildings or advertisements. Holzer is not only an artist but also wrote several books. She was the first women to show in Venice Biennale, an exhibit in Italy, for the United States.


 Clicking through a few pictures the words are either simple sentences to deep questions that are suppose to make you think. All of her pictures are all in black and white, I believe to make the words pop and keep the building in the background.


The picture above was done in Bregenz in 2004, I like it not only for what it says but how the letters land on the building and ground.


2 thoughts on “Jenny Holzer

  1. epwilliams13 says:

    I have seen these photos before! I think they are so great! I have been wondering how she got all of the words where she wanted to with out things getting in the way like people walking or street signs or something. This photographer is so talented!
    Erin Williams

  2. The motion of these exhibits are mesmerizing. I found it interesting as they scrolled over buildings and corners, how it became an ever-changing visual. No matter what lay in the path, it only created more interest. I wonder what goes into planning the projection – if she has to crop or re-size as she goes, or if she just powers it up & hopes for the best!

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