Vectore Drawings


Since we are working on vector drawings I thought I would share a vector drawing I did last semester for another class. I recreated a sewing machine that was later cut up and turned into a puzzle.


It was really hard to get all the little details just right. I think it took longer to do the details then it took to do the body of the sewing machine. I played around with adding thread, adding the picture detail on it, and putting the plug in the picture. I ended up keeping the plug but getting rid of everything else. After finishing the sewing machine, the teacher suggested adding the table and strips to the background. Those two things were probably the things to do but added a lot to the image. Doing the sewing machine was defiantly a great help for doing our vector drawings. I am starting to really understand how illustor works.



7 thoughts on “Vectore Drawings

  1. I think both your picture from last semester and your vector drawings for part B are great (your idea of a using a binder clip was a good one). I really like the perspectives from your submission for part B. The sewing machine is not bad either. Nice work. I too have learned much about Adobe Illustrator, and how it is very useful for applications where quality of the image is key. However, I want to know, did you have any trouble experimenting with negative and positive space? I did, though it was mostly a learning experience. Anyway, it is very nice, and I am beginning to think that most of the class has more patience when it comes to these projects than I do.

  2. I am taking CAT 113 this semester. I love your idea of the sewing machine. Details can be very tricky and yes they take a lot of time don’t they?! I hope to post my game project on my blog soon 🙂

  3. I really like your sewing machine project. It reminds me of all the home projects I have waiting for me post-CAT 111! 🙂

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