Andrea Zittel


For today post I wanted to talk about Andrea Zittel. Zittlel was born in California in 1965. She has a bachelor in painting and sculpture. Andrea has a wide array of objects and sculptures that she has created. Most of what she makes are things that could be used in real life, everything from clothes to everything that is needed for a house. Her clothes are very organic and kind of looks similar to what I think the first clothes looked like. Some of the clothes  are complex like suits, showing she has a high level of skill when it comes to sewing.


One of her works that I really like is the suburban sprawl studies, each picture is a layout of a suburban community done a little like a kaleidoscope. The amazing thing about these photos is that you can not tell that they are suburban community layouts until you examine them closely.


One thought on “Andrea Zittel

  1. That dress was one my favorites out of her collection… made me wonder the price tag & since they are each originals what size they were made to fit… certainly not mine! 🙂 I did not see the suburban picture(s) – I will have to take a second look at that site. That was very cool!

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