CollageI have a love of eyes, I believe they tell us everything er need to know about a person. A few years ago I took the picture above and I thought now would be a great time to cut up the photo and turn it into a collage. I went into Photoshop and change the entire image to black and white. Then adding layers of light opacity of green over the eyes until it was just the way I wanted them. The eye on the right was harder to do as the hair is covering parts of it up. I had to decide whether or not to try to get in to the small cracks between the hair. After taking the time to go in and add the color I decided I did not like how it turned out and quickly erased it all. The last and easiest part was cutting it up into 3 pieces and separating them to different pictures. One day I want to print them on canvas and hang it up.


One thought on “Collage

  1. You’ve chosen a great theme, and the photo of the eyes fits perfectly with it. Good first page.
    Your classmate,

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